Does Your Yacht Club Have a Strategy for Success?

Yacht clubs are interesting organizations. Often, they combine professional and volunteer staff to make a leadership team with the capabilities to drive the organization forward. They also, however, experience liability risks that other organizations never encounter. If you serve in leadership at your yacht club, you must be certain your club has a strategy for success. Purchasing marina liability coverage is usually a cornerstone of any successful plan.

Combining Professional and Volunteer Staff

Anytime an organization combines professional and volunteer staff, leaders must be especially careful to protect assets. A comprehensive insurance package may include the following:

  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Workers’ compensation coverage
  • Errors and omissions protection

Of course, most marina leaders also want to purchase general business insurance, such as property coverage or business interruption protection.

Limiting Unique Risks

Instead of trying to understand all risks associated with marina operation without help, rely on the expertise and skill of a reputable marina insurance agent. Since these agents regularly work with many different marinas, they are usually well-positioned to help you purchase the right insurance plan.

Since your yacht club is unique in both its organization and its liability risks, you must be sure you have a strategy for success. By working with an experienced agent, you can likely choose the comprehensive marina liability coverage you need to lead your organization with confidence.