Why You Should Focus on Risk and Protection in Social Services

Many people who work in social services feel fulfilled by the work that they do. Unfortunately, no matter how many people you help, you do have to account for risks and the need for insurance. Here is what you need to know about the importance of social services professional liability.

Risks of Working in Social Services

When you’re working with people, there will always be room for misunderstandings and errors. For instance, you may try to advise a troubled kid and he or she may misunderstand and run away instead. Then, the parents may sue you for negligence. You do not have to mean to make a mistake to face a lawsuit for it.

Coverages for Social Service Workers

When you purchase professional liability insurance, your policy is customized to fit your business. Every insurance company has its own policies and coverages for you to choose from. While there will be differences across the board, the most common coverages include:

  • Negligence
  • Defense Costs
  • Sexual Misconduct

Negligence is the most common complaint from clients. Regardless of whether anyone in your company acted negligently, you still have to pay for the legal costs and any settlement that the court rules on. Insurance takes care of those costs.

If you work in social services, you never know when an error may occur or when a client may file a complaint against your company. To protect your clients and your staff, professional liability is imperative.