What Your CGL Policy Covers

When you purchase commercial general liability insurance in NJ, you take the first step in protecting your business against the cost of litigation. While there may be other policies that supplement this plan, CGL is a good start.

General liability is the policy you need if a customer, visitor or third party partner is injured on your property. It covers basic liability expenses:

  • Cost of an attorney
  • Court fees
  • Settlements awarded to the plaintiff

Other Liability Policies

General liability doesn’t cover everything, though. If workers are injured, those expenses require a workers’ compensation policy. If you are being sued for malpractice or a professional error of some kind, you will likely have to rely on your professional liability or errors and omissions policy. If a complaint is raised against one of your administrators or upper management, directors and officers liability coverage is the policy under which you would file your claim. Finally, it is a good idea to have an umbrella liability policy to provide you with extra coverage in case expenses exceed the limits of your other coverage.

When you purchase general liability insurance in NJ, it can save you quite a bit of money if you are ever sued for injuries sustained on your property. Your insurance agent can help you put together a commercial insurance package that meets your needs.