What Is KR Insurance?

Doing business in the global economy can be dangerous and unpredictable. One fear that many companies have is over the safety of their employees and their families. Kidnap and ransom (K&R) insurance can keep your company and its employees safe.

Who Is At Risk of Kidnap and Ransom?

If your company does business on the global market, then kidnap and ransom insurance should be on your list of insurance options to invest in. Wealthy companies who trade or do business in other countries tend to be the most vulnerable.

Employees and their families are often the victims of threats, kidnapping and ransom. Employees that have to travel out of the country for business are the most likely targets. 15 countries have noted cases of $25 million or more in ransom demands. Often kidnappers can be extremely hostile and violent towards victims.

How Can You Protect Potential Victims?

You can protect your employees and their families by investing in a kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance policy. In addition to the insurance, you receive help when it comes to negotiations with those who want to harm your employees. Insurance partners who offer this type of insurance tend to also be knowledgeable in these circumstances.

When it comes to protecting your business and its employees, you have to be prepared for anything. Having K&R insurance is a protection you shouldn’t ignore.