We’ve Got Your Back

Whether it’s for the family SUV, your vintage convertible, or your teenager’s hybrid, you need cheap car insurance in CT. It’s unwise to head down the road without it. Understanding policy differences and just what coverage you require can be confusing. Our experts are here to help you understand your options.

Types of Coverage

When considering auto insurance policies, you should compare the following basic items:

  • Collision coverage to protect you from loss in an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect you from damage related to theft, fire, etc.
  • Liability coverage to protect you from injury and loss caused to others
  • Medical payments coverage to cover medical expenses for you and your passengers
  • No-fault coverage to protect you from personal injury regardless of fault

There are other types of coverage available as well, such as towing, rental car insurance, and full glass coverage. Your car insurance agent can help you determine if you need further protection.

Get Good Advice

To find the best cheap car insurance in CT, talk to the pros. Many factors go into choosing a good policy, such as deductibles, limits, and amount of coverage. A qualified insurance agent can explain policies and coverage, and make sure you have the protection you need every time you drive.