Understanding Employment Practices Liability Coverage

Every business, from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, rely on staffing firms to meet their business’ recruiting and hiring needs. Staffing firms face a unique risk because their employees are sent to different workplaces where there are different types of liability. Staff insurance protects the agency in the event the employee is harmed or makes an error on the job.

The Main Purpose

Today, staffing agencies need staff insurance more than ever because updated standards that are difficult to interpret expose staffing firms to even more potential claims. Although your staffing agency may sign employee paychecks and ensure they are placed correctly, what they do within the actual workplace is beyond your jurisdiction.

The purpose of staffing insurance is to protect your organization from liability in the event of an inopportune situation. For example, if your contracted employee fails to perform a service like promised that renders your client financially put out, you may be held responsible for the loss. In a case like this, your staffing insurance would cover the liability.

Obtain Coverage Today

Your employment agency needs staffing insurance, and it is never too late to obtain one of these essential policies. Reach out to an insurance professional in your area as soon as possible to find out more about your available options.