Tips for Homeowners with Swimming Pools

When your property includes a swimming pool, it’s vital that you review safety measures with the entire family. It is crucial to observe good safety standards in order to minimize the risk of accidents occurring. Because pools do pose an added risk, and will likely impact your homeowners insurance in Connecticut, but reducing any possible concerns does help the situation.

Make sure that all gate catches are functioning properly, or get them repaired if not. Your gates should never provide a means for children to climb over them allowing them to enter the pool area unattended. Installing a storage unit will provide a place to keep pool toys when not in use. Never leave children unattended in or near the pool, keeping them in sight at all times and instruct them to stay away from the pool unless an adult is present.

Other important factors

Consider taking a CPR course so you’ll be better prepared if an incident happens. Having knowledge of CPR procedures while waiting for paramedics to arrive could make all the difference. There are many additional dangers in owning a pool, but fortunately there are also many precautions that help to virtually eliminate the risks associated with pool ownership.

Drowning is one of the most common pool concerns, as well as the most preventable. Individuals can drown in very short periods of time, and even a near-drowning experience could result in permanent debilitating injuries. To minimize the risk of drowning, you should install pool safety fences and covers to limit pool access. Arrange for swimming lessons for everyone who will be using the pool.

Always supervise children while the pool is being used and make sure that they are well aware of the pool depth. Never allowing diving in the shallow areas and keep lifesaving equipment close to the pool at all times, while stressing proper pool behavior and banning any and all horseplay.

Check your Connecticut homeowners insurance for the current level of liability coverage you have. It may be worth it to take out extra coverage for additional financial support. Inquire about discounts for having pool safety features in place and enjoy having a functional swimming pool during these hot summer months.