Three Reasons To Consider Buying a Scooter

Scooters have been popular overseas for decades, but they aren’t yet a familiar sight around towns in the U.S. It’s a shame, because there are several reasons why buying a scooter instead of a car may be the right decision for you. From inexpensive scooter insurance to slower driving speeds, there are lots of advantages if you buy one of these zippy little vehicles.

The safety factor is one reason to buy a scooter. With a top speed of around 40 miles an hour, you aren’t likely to be involved in a high-speed accident. These two-wheelers aren’t allowed on highways, keeping drivers on local roads where they are more familiar with the roads and congested traffic isn’t a consideration.

Cost is another major consideration. A scooter costs much less than either a car or a motorcycle. Add in the savings on gasoline, scooter insurance and operating expenses and you could save thousands of dollars over the life of a scooter.

Anyone who travels in a motor home should also consider investing in a scooter. Because scooters are lighter weight and smaller than cars, they are easy to tow and can provide local transportation when a motor home is parked for camping.

If you’ve thought about buying a scooter, talk to your insurance agent about scooter coverage options so you can make an informed decision.