The Three C’s of Good Website Design

Word of mouth can be an inexpensive albeit inconsistent method for lead generation. However, a good insurance agency website design can deliver qualified leads, which often results in larger conversion rates. Having a mobile-friendly website with strong graphics and easy-to-use navigation is just the beginning.


Having a strong visual design with a balance of white space and consistent font and color scheme are cues that users may subconsciously associate with a trusted, legitimate resource. Adding contact information, and identifying the agency builds credibility before the user makes direct contact.


If a user’s browser results bring up insurance companies, chances are, help is needed. Content that is current and relevant to the organization’s niche is key to a successful insurance agency website design. Frequently asked questions, and articles that answer questions such as, “How can you help me?” encourage the user to investigate further, potentially becoming a qualified lead.


A call to action encourages users to contact the organization. A good insurance agency website design includes several opportunities. Options to request a quote or to have the agency contact the user are effective website elements. Offering a free download that answers questions about homeowner’s insurance coverage or discounts to local vendors.