Student Drivers and Auto Coverage

Students look forward to gaining their freedom and this means taking on a few added responsibilities. Going away to college for the first time, many kids often wind up owning or driving a car. Parents with kids who are now attending college may have concerns or even anxiety over their safety, especially when it comes to driving. Kids must be equipped to make smart choices, especially when getting behind the wheel of an automobile.

Parents hope their children will be responsible. They cannot always be there to protect them from potential accidents and must rely on them making good decisions. Still, accidents can and will happen, and one simple solution is to have adequate car insurance in ct which provides great protection.

Teach them proper vehicle maintenance

Encouraging regular maintenance and upkeep for the vehicle is a must as it is important to keep the car in good repair, especially in instances where students have a long ride from home or their residence to their campus. Be sure that they maintain regular oil changes and other routine maintenance to avoid breakdowns or other problems from occurring.

Safe driving habits should be encouraged

Having open communication with your student, the insurance agent and the principles on the college campus can help minimize any risks associated with having a vehicle at college. For the parents of college-bound students, liability risks will remain a major concern so it’s important to understand these risks and to take proper precautions.

Parents should be prepared to discuss proper protocol, especially no drinking of alcohol and no texting. In the event that an accident occurs, the driver should first check to see if anyone is injured, exchange information with the other party (including name, phone number and insurance information), as well as take pictures of the scene along with notes, (which can be helpful later, especially since it is easy to forget some of the details).

Finally, drivers should call their agent and, if the other driver is presumed to be at fault, contact the driver’s insurer as well. For the best rates, speak to an agent about quotes for car insurance in CT, and always be safe and secure on roads and highways.