Recreational Equipment Safety Tips for Homeowners

Despite the fun that they can provide to children and adults as well, trampolines, swing sets and other recreational devices used for play and entertainment can also present major safety concerns for homeowners. Homeowners must assume responsibility for the safety of anyone using any equipment on their property. By addressing the safety concerns related to these items a person will help reduce injuries to those using their equipment while protecting their own interests as well. Purchase homeowners insurance in Los Angeles that specifically addresses these concerns.

Trampoline injuries

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission states that nearly 90,000 emergency room visits are required on an annual basis due to trampoline injuries alone. Most injuries are a result of collisions involving two or more people jumping, improperly landing, falling off the trampoline completely, or falling onto the springs and frame. The Mayo Clinic lists fractures, sprains and head or neck injuries as possible ailments while jumping on a trampoline.

Unsupervised play increases risks

Unsupervised use of any backyard equipment by children or neighbors means the homeowners have relinquished control over whether or not the equipment is being used properly. Children or guests may be engaging in unsafe tricks that would normally not be allowed. Neighbors should be told that use of the trampolines and other recreational devices must be approved and supervised.

Unfortunately, a trampoline often provides little protection from falls. Adding safety equipment to a trampoline may help reduce injuries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends adding an enclosure around the trampoline, which keeps those jumping from falling off the trampoline. Shock absorbing covers over the springs and hooks will prevent kids from falling through the springs.

Homeowners insurance in Los Angeles is the quintessential way to protect you from claims or lawsuits that may be brought against you. In addition to covering your house, this insurance covers any liability if someone gets injured while on your property. The insurance company, because of the potential for injuries, considers owning a trampoline as a high-risk item. Your homeowner’s insurance premium may increase if you own equipment of this nature. Speak to an agent if you have questions or concerns.