Insurance for a Safe, Healthy Workplace

Having to miss work, even for a short period, could put your employees at risk of financial hardship. If this kind of absence is caused by job-related illness or injury, worker’s compensation may be able to help your staff members get the safety net they need to recover and return to the workplace in good health.

What Workers Compensation Can Do for Your Employees

The primary purpose of this insurance is to help ease the burden of healthcare costs or lost wages should employees be unable to work due to a health issue caused on the job.

Typical coverage can provide financial aid for some of the following needs:

  • Medical expenses, including prescriptions and ER visits
  • Lost income
  • Long-term care, such as physical therapy or surgery

Insurance benefits can also help take care of an employee’s loved ones if a work-related illness or injury results in death. The insurance payout may mitigate the cost of funeral expenses or cover them entirely, as well as ensure continued financial support for the worker’s family.

How Workers Comp Can Support Your Business

If your business involves high-risk jobs, in which injury or disease is more likely, you may benefit the most from a worker’s compensation program. According to, this insurance can be a major financial investment for some businesses, but many insurers will work with your company to improve workplace safety, which can reduce the number of potential claims as well as lower the cost of premiums.