Important Facts about Valet Parking Insurance

The valet parking business has changed over the past few decades. Once reserved for the elite class, it has now begun to filter into the mainstream as a common parking option for big cities. It may seem like a simple toss of the keys, but a valet parking insurance policy is crucial to protecting the business, the car, and any passerby.


Protection from Damage

One of the main liabilities of running a valet service is the responsibility for any damage done to the vehicle. A good insurance policy can help to cover expenses involving:

  • Collision
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Hiring safe drivers is a must, but it is important to be properly covered since they are not the only ones on the road.


Protection from Injury

Another component that a policy covers is any injury made while the car is in the valet’s possession. The vehicle may be driven on public streets where a collision and injury is possible. A valet service needs to be covered if a person is injured while the vehicle is in motion.

Valet is growing in popularity, and it is an excellent service to provide in a city where parking may be tricky. Make sure to have the right valet parking insurance policy to protect your business and your drivers.