How To Evaluate Your Commercial Transportation Insurance Needs

When you run a transport business you know that commercial transportation insurance is about more than auto insurance. Here are three aspects of your business you should consider when deciding on the coverage you need for your business.

Your People

You’ll want workers’ compensation insurance that works through your state’s laws. This insurance covers all medical expenses for your employee if she is injured or gets sick because of her job. It also covers legal expenses and payments for lost income. Occupational accident insurance is another type of coverage you may want to explore to supplement workers’ compensation or even replace it in states where workers’ comp is not mandatory.

Your Vehicles

Of course, commercial transportation insurance should also take into account your vehicles. Protect your business from the cost of damage to, or caused by, your trucks. Whether your truck gets stolen, is involved in an accident with another vehicle, or damages someone’s property, commercial auto insurance ensures you won’t be stuck footing the bill.

Your Cargo

Finally, cargo insurance protects you from having to replace property that’s damaged during transport. Cargo insurance also protects you from theft of the back of your trucks and damage from natural disasters.

Evaluating these three aspects of your business will help you design an insurance plan that will keep you covered from every angle.