How to Engage Online Searchers for Insurance

With digital marketing for insurance companies, it’s much more likely to bring in new customers by being captivating. This needs to be said because simply being active on social media, for example, is not enough to see an improvement in marketing. Boring posts that are nothing more than ads, in this situation, won’t encourage people to share and repost, condemning your posts to only be seen by a few uninterested visitors. Here are some helpful tips and ideas.

1. Educate and Give Advice

Insurance can be complicated, but if you’re able to explain things in a simple manner, concepts are much more likely to click and make sense. Posting infographics on your blog or social media may prompt people to say, “Oh, I get it now!” and then show their friends so they can learn something new, too. If it’s also giving advice, this can make people feel they’re being helpful if they share it.

2. Use Humor

This can be used in nearly all methods of digital marketing for insurance companies. While you should avoid being facetious, the right opportunity can encourage many to want to share a laugh.

3. Create Videos

A lot of people don’t want to read large blocks of text. However, including videos with visual representations and animations can be a huge attention-grabber. These videos can be put on your website, social media, blog and more.