Home Insurance Options For Special Circumstances

There many local and national options for OC insurance. Sifting through the different coverage options and carriers can be time-consuming, and at times, confusing. Even with much planning and research, it may be difficult for non-traditional homeowners to find the coverage they need. Here are three coverage types to consider for non-traditional homes.

1. Tenant’s Form

Also known as renter’s insurance, it only covers your belongings and personal liability. This means that your TV is covered if a tree branch falls through your window, but not the window itself. In addition, if someone gets hurt in your apartment as a result of this incident, the personal liability portion of the policy will protect you against any lawsuits and will cover any medical or legal fees.

2. Older Home Form

Most homes, regardless of age, will fall under the standard insurance policy coverages. However, certain historic homes or landmarks may need special adaptations in addition to the standard coverages for newer homes.

3. Mobile Home Form

Mobile home insurance coverage is similar to standard home coverage except that it is specifically designed for manufactured homes as they are referred to by HUD. In addition to the traditional coverages included, it also covers any detached structures like sheds and garages.

Searching for OC insurance can be an adventure due to the number of options available. If you live in one of these homes, narrowing your search to these special coverage options will help you shorten the process in finding the right coverage.