Everyone Can Have a Bad Day

You and your employees work hard to make sure your company is the best in the industry. Accidents happen, though, and even the best employee can have a bad day, which is why smart businesses look into E&O insurance in New Jersey.

E&O Insurance: Because Mistakes Happen

An errors & omissions (E&O) policy is designed to protect you and your firm from damages that might have been caused by an error or omission that took place during the course of people doing their jobs. It doesn’t have to be a big mistake; it could be something as simple as failing to file something by a deadline or even just making a mistake on a form. If this action caused a client financial harm, though, then you or your business could face legal action as a result.

Protect Yourself Against Mistakes

By getting E&O insurance in New Jersey, you can protect your company from legal actions that result from these kinds of mistakes. A trained insurance agent can explain the benefits of having an E&O insurance policy and can ensure you and your company is fully covered. Everyone makes mistakes, but with an E&O insurance policy in place at your firm, you won’t have to worry about losing the company when those mistakes happen.