Creating a Solid Drip Campaign for Your Insurance Agency

Think of automated drip marketing as a series of emails that is sent out to a new lead or prospect on a schedule basis. Once they opt in for a quote or express interest in signing up for your newsletter you’ve got a potential new customer to engage with. Automated email marketing is a powerful tool because it helps you reach people who are more likely to convert into clients.

Once they’ve expressed interest in purchasing insurance, you simply need to provide them information about your products that will help in the decision-making process. Many agents use drip marketing to nurture new leads, as a way of keeping their agency at the top of people’s minds, until the time comes that those prospects are finally ready to buy. That’s a rather simple way of explaining it, and a great way to look at this procedure.

It’s sort of like growing a plant from a seed

Think of it like the drip irrigation technique used to save water and other resources while nurturing a garden. By dripping relevant content to your prospective clients, you’re taking prospects through the sales cycle and prompting them to take action when they feel the time is right.

You may wish to set up different campaigns to solicit business from different audiences, so it’s important to think about whom you are sending these emails to. You may be trying to reach prospects that you wish to turn into customers, or current customers that you’re trying to cross-sell another line of products or services.

You may even be contacting former customers in an attempt to reengage them for new business. Your target audience will dictate the type of drip campaign you’ll run and what content you’ll be providing them.

Developing relevant content for your audience and making it as engaging as possible will be a key factor in whether or not your efforts will be rewarded. Remember, the point of all this is to try to get them to continue their way through the sales cycle. Just make sure to create engaging email drip marketing content and the rest is a piece of cake.