Course of Construction Insurance to the Rescue

As your team finishes work late one Friday on a construction site, the tools are put away, the doors are secured, and the garage is locked down. Just a few more weeks and the project will be finished, and the homeowner can take possession of the property. But then, the unthinkable happens as a group of teenagers rampage the property, tearing out walls and ceilings in search of copper piping – and you say to yourself, just another builder’s risk day.

What it Can Cover

If you work in any type of construction job, you know how many things can go wrong during the duration of that project. Also known as Builder’s Risk, a COC policy can cover a job site from many unexpected losses, including theft, vandalism, and fire. Source: Make sure to check for available options for other losses such as windstorms, floods, earthquakes, and lightning strikes.

What You Can Add

The COC insurance policy is specifically designed to protect remodeling, new construction, and rehab projects against unexpected losses. Coverage does not extend to stolen tools and broken equipment, but if the property needs to be demolished after vandals have broken in, supplies will be covered.
Protect yourself and your team by reducing your risk to unforeseen difficulties. Construction sites have enough problems without needing to worry about replacing supplies after a vandal strikes or fire tears through a nearly completed home.