Buying Coverage for Earthquake Exposures

Unbeknownst to millions of residence, earthquakes occur quite often and with little or no warning in California, which has an average of 10,000 seismic events per year. Most are undetectable, causing no discernible damage. But whether you live in the San Fernando Valley or Redondo Beach, take a few necessary precautions before the next substantial temblor, because in California, it’s not a matter of if an earthquake will happen, but when and how intense it may be.

You can certainly do your part to help keep your family and pets safe when the next big quake hits by creating, or purchasing, an earthquake preparedness kit. Along with a kit, it’s also a smart idea to take time every now and then to practice earthquake drills to determine exactly where to designate an emergency family meeting place following the quake. But when it comes to protecting your property you need earthquake insurance from Los Angeles insurance companies ready to provide you with this important coverage.

Homeowners insurance will not cover damages

You should know by now that most homeowners, condominium and renters insurance policies don’t cover damage from an earthquake. Similar to flood insurance, earthquake insurance must be purchased separately in California as well as other US states prone to earthquakes. Without coverage, you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace any broken possessions and repair any damage to your home. In a worst-case scenario, you may even wind up having to rebuild your house.

While most available insurance plans vary in coverage and cost, finding the insurance plan that works best for you can depend on many variables. Earthquake insurance is primarily designed to repair or rebuild your home when it’s damaged due to an earthquake. It may cover some of the contents of the home but, for the most part, it won’t replace many of the valuable items at risk. Depending on the policy you purchase, it may cover additional living expenses if you end up needing to stay somewhere else while your home is being repaired.

Sounds pretty scary, huh? Well, fortunately, earthquakes don’t happen with the regularity of many other natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes that ravaged areas of the US where they are most prone to occur. But it’s still best to play it safe and buy coverage for earthquakes through Los Angeles insurance companies before it’s too late!