Why Your Business Need Throughput Insurance

Standard cargo insurance programs can help cover financial losses in the case of some instances. However, these plans often have gaps in coverage that you may not discover until the damage has already been done. If you don’t want to wonder whether your cargo is covered when disaster strikes, you need worldwide stock throughput insurance that includes perils.

Covers More Than the Basics

Unfortunately, many business owners have discovered that their standard cargo insurance programs were inadequate far too late. These basic programs can leave businesses open to significant financial loss.

Throughput insurance aims to end that risk. You plan can cover catastrophic events like earthquake and fire while also providing cover for business income losses. These plans tend to be more comprehensive than their counterparts.

“Cradle to Grave” Coverage

When you patch together a series of coverages, you end up with multiple policies, or worse, your cargo may not be covered at some point. It’s a hassle to keep up with separate freight, warehouse, CAT peril, and business income policies.

Throughput insurance combines all of these cargo insurance programs to create just one comprehensive policy that covers your cargo from the moment it’s made until it gets into the customer’s hands. Not only does this plan simplify your insurance portfolio, but it can also give you a reduction in premium costs.