Boost Your Company’s Workers Comp Training

As an experienced HR professional, you are probably constantly looking for ways to improve working conditions while saving your company money. Since employers across the Lone Star State pay a tremendous amount of Texas workers compensation insurance premiums, you might consider improving your company’s workers compensation training program to help control costs.

Identify Workplace Risks

A significant portion of any workers compensation training program is jobsite-specific. Guaranteeing employees know how to perform their job duties in a safe, healthy way is essential. When training on workplace risks, consider the following subjects:

  • Safe Equipment Operation
  • Ergonomic Movement
  • Regular Work Beaks
  • Drug and Alcohol Usage

Consider Learning Styles

Before you can conduct Texas workers compensation insurance training, you must understand each of your employees learns in a unique way. To get the most out of your sessions, try to appeal to visual, auditory, and other learning styles.

Do It Again

Repetition is key in effective workplace learning. Instead of going through the motions, schedule routine workers compensation trainings. Also, don’t forget to survey your employees to identify how you can better meet their training needs.

Both to keep your employees safe and to control Texas workers compensation insurance costs, your company’s training program must be stellar. With a proactive approach, you can likely boost your business’s program.