Is Your Agency’s Auto Insurance Up to Par?

When it comes to your temporary staff using clients’ automobiles for business purposes, your risk picture can become rather complex. This practice can lead to an extra liability, and significant financial losses should the temp worker get into a collision or incur other types of claims while behind the wheel of your clients’ vehicles. Since staffing firms are typically held responsible in these cases, you need staff insurance with options that cover you. The ideal solution is to adopt hired and non-owned auto policies that includes this kind of essential indemnity protection.

Check Your Policies Before It’s Too Late

It’s unwise to assume that your hired and non-owned auto policies already handle fiduciary losses when it comes to temp staff using your clients’ cars, trucks or vans. Many of these policies do not include this coverage, leaving you on the hook to pay for medical bills, property damage, repairs and other expenses. Meanwhile, there’s also the risk that you could be sued by the client. Situations in which employees must hire a vehicle from a car rental company can also get tricky, which is why you should also opt for additional features such as Hired Car Physical Damage.

The Right Protection for Your Company

Obtaining staff insurance can be complicated enough, but employee use of client, personal or rental vehicles can make it even more complex. Be sure to choose insurance broker with specific experience connecting staffing agencies with top-notch indemnity solutions.