5 Facts to Know About the Staffing Industry

The large and varied staffing industry offers employers a way to use temporary or contract workers for specific projects or to find the ideal candidate for a full-time position. The staffing industry comes with risks with coverage options available through world wide specialty programs. Here are some lesser known facts about the industry itself.

Highly-Skilled Workers

Many staffing companies staff highly-skilled workers in a variety of job types. Contract and temporary workers are often tested and screened prior to placement.

Employee Beliefs

Temporary or contract work often benefits the employee. Many believe it helps them land a permanent position, increase their skills, make them more employable and accept a permanent placement based on a temporary assignment.

Variety of Industries

Staffing companies provide workers for a variety of industries. Industrial jobs and administrative or clerical office positions take the lion’s share, but healthcare, engineering, managerial and informational technology receive quite a few workers.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

As a business-to-business service industry, staffing companies are one of the fastest-growing and largest in the US. By placing workers, staffing is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Flexible Employment

Not everyone seeking work with a staffing company is looking for full-time work. Many enjoy the flexibility provided by a temporary or contract assignment.

World wide specialty programs help insure your staffing company. Continue to be a part of a fast-growing industry that is expected to continue to grow.