3 Essential Insurance Policies for Landscaping Companies

You work hard to grow your landscaping business. You invest in both your tools and your employees so that you can provide the best services to your clients. You also ensure that safety procedures are rigorously followed by everyone in your company. However, no matter how careful you are, accidents can easily occur. These can leave you facing costly lawsuits or paying out of pocket to replace expensive equipment. Investing in the right insurance policies is vital to protecting your business.

Commercial General Liability

Landscaping companies perform potentially hazardous tasks, such as trimming trees and spraying pesticides, on and around the property of their clients. Therefore, a landscaper insurance carrier would likely recommend purchasing a general liability policy as this will cover any claims of third-party personal injury or property damage.

Commercial Property

Lawn and garden care often involves the use of high-cost machinery and tools. Commercial property insurance protects this equipment against theft, vandalism, fire and other threats.

Workers’ Compensation

Your employees may adhere to safety protocols. Nonetheless, given the nature of their work, landscape professionals are constantly at risk of injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance pays lost wages, medical care and rehabilitation if one of your workers is hurt on the job.

Without adequate coverage, you, your employees and your business are vulnerable. An expert in landscaping insurance can ensure that you are protected against any eventuality.