Do You Need Small Business Insurance?

If your company is small or you only employ freelancers, you may wonder if small business insurance in Florida is a necessity. The answer to this question lays more in the future than the present. A successful company will experience growth, and as it does, it takes on additional risk. You may think you can place business insurance on the back burner until you “need” it, but by doing so, you run the risk of overlooking this type of protection until it is too late.

If you make the decision to purchase a policy, you can choose to add any of the following forms of coverage:

  • Product insurance – A natural fit for the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries, these policies protect your company from financial loss in the event of product defects that inflict harm or cause injury to users.
  • Professional liability insurance – This type of small business insurance in Florida is focused on businesses that render services. If your company provides tax or financial advice, or practices medicine, this coverage safeguards it against claims of malpractice, negligence and errors.
  • Property insurance – These policies cover the cost of damage to equipment, furniture, fixtures and assets located on the site of home-based businesses and commercial real estate.

Small business insurance in Florida is a wise investment regardless of the size and function of your company, safeguarding it against devastating financial losses.