Should Auto Insurance Be Part of Your Portfolio

Many small businesses don’t have a fleet of vehicles, but that doesn’t mean auto insurance shouldn’t be considered. Don’t think of auto coverage as simply another expense, but part of your entire risk management program of small business insurance in Florida. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider commercial auto insurance:

  • Do your vehicles have equipment installed which supports your business?
  • Are your vehicles registered to your corporation or DBA?
  • Do employees drive your vehicles, even on an occasional basis?
  • Do you use your vehicles for any type of business delivery?
  • Do your work vehicles have a gross weight exceeding 10,000 pounds or a rated load capacity of more than 1 ton.
  • Do you use your vehicles for taxi or livery service?

Businesses have a higher liability risk than individuals when it comes to vehicles. It’s not only the downtime if a vehicle is in an accident, but the risk of a lawsuit for anyone injured in the accident. The litigation risk alone should concern you as a small business owner.

Speak to your insurance company about your risks and whether auto insurance should be part of your insurance portfolio. Then determine what type of protection you should get to give you peace of mind.